her story

be seen. be heard. be true.

Professional actress, model, voice over artist, and singer Kat Pérez, takes her audience on a timeless journey with every story she tells. While traveling the world, this Cincinnati based talent’s mission is to set the globe on fire with unapologetic love and truth.

In her flourishing career, she has done everything from editorials, print ads, runway fashion, commercials, live television, films, industrials, theater and radio hosting. She is featured in movies including Tiger (2016) and And Then I Go (2017). Her list of clients includes Macy’s, Galen College of Nursing, US Bank, The Gap, First Data, Xavier University and many more! 

As a curvy model, Kat redefines beauty and allure with confidence and charisma. An intrinsic part of her path is about embracing her curves to put a body positive message out in the world and helping others to be their true selves in all her art. She is passionate about her craft, serving others and being involved in art that creates visibility for underrepresented groups in the media.

She also is a portrait photographer. In her free time, she enjoys hiking at variety of parks, and writing poetry and songs. Her heart and next project lies in her upcoming poetry book.


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