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Hey there! I’m a SAG-AFTRA actor, singer, voiceover artist, poet and coach based in Cincinnati, Ohio, here to help you tell your story & experience yourself in a story in a transformative & empowering way. 
I live by the words “be seen, be heard and be true”. I was born to Colombian immigrant parents in San Bernardino, California, grew up in a bunch of states and countries and started acting on camera in Cincinnati, embracing one of my favorite mottos:  “bloom where you’re planted”. 
Following a childhood of writing poetry and songs and singing with my younger brother, I’ve been developing my artistry in a variety of ways since then and I’ve devoted the past 9 years to working in front and behind the camera. I’ve acted in films, commercials, industrials and in theater, modeled, owned a headshot photography business, produced and hosted a radio show, performed live spoken word shows and have sang in local bands. This versatile experience has given me a well-rounded understanding of the entertainment industry and the ability to tell stories that connect with people’s hearts.
Right now I’m training in voiceover and creating music. I’m my free time, you can see me frolicking in a park, walking barefoot on grass or hugging a tree— yes, I really do that!
You can currently see me on demand internationally on all video streaming platforms in my supporting role in the award winning feature film, The Clovehitch Killer
I invite you to connect with me if you’d like me to help you tell your story.
With Love,
pronouns: they/them
Fun Fact:
  • I am a multi-racial raced latinx,  queer & nonbinary person.

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I’m passionate about helping others be seen, be heard and be true.

Kat Pérez