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who kat is

Kat Pérez is a queer nonbinary mixed Latinx actor, singer-songwriter, poet and coach based in Cincinnati, Ohio and born in San Bernardino, California. They brings electrifying vibes on-camera and on stage through their penetrating depth as a performer and writer. Kat is a truth teller with a passion for exploring the human experience and empowering others to be true to who they are.

As a professional actor, voiceover artist and model Kat has the ability to inhabit a range of roles. Throughout their rising film career, Kat has performed alongside A-list artists including Dylan McDermott in “The Clovehitch Killer” and Mickey Rourke in the feature film “Tiger”. In addition to film work, Kat carries experience representing a variety of brands in commercials, industrials, theater, editorial and lifestyle modeling, radio hosting, and live spoken word performances. They writes and performs poetry merging the art of acting with spoken word with videos & live shows.

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i’m passionate about working with others to tell empowering stories of Queer & Trans People and People of Color that help our communities thrive & rise. 

kat pérez

helping QTPOC thrive through storytelling