So you’ve booked a job! Congratulations! Aside from the excitement, you might be feeling nervous and wondering how to look like a pro on set. 

As an experienced actor who’s worked in commercials, tv, film, radio and more, here are some of my top tips to help you look and feel like a pro when it’s your time to shine on-camera.

1. show up on time

Showing up on time is vital for any actor . It shows you care about your job and the time of all the people you’re working with. I like to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to the room or location I’m expected to be at. Since acting gigs can take place in a new place each time, it’s important to factor time that you may need to find where your are going and a parking spot too. Going with plenty of time will also give you time to just relax before you go on set.

2. bring wardrobe

Sometimes the wardrobe department will have clothing and jewelry already picked out for you, but many times you will be asked to bring wardrobe items that match your character’s role. Unless otherwise stated, your clothing will need to be solid colors and you will want to avoid logos/ designs and big patterns or stripes. I like to bring a variety of colors that match the role I’m playing. If I’m playing a banker for example, I will bring more business casual and professional clothing, some pumps and blazers. I also like to bring a little of jewelry.

3. bring grooming essentials

This includes bring your toothbrush floss as well as some of your styling products. After you eat,you can brush your teeth so when you smile there won’t have food stuck on your teeth. Colgate Wisps are great to keep in your car and in y our kit in case you don’t have time to brush your teeth. I also love to bring bobby pins, my makeup bag, face cream, and hair styling products in case I’m asked to fix something myself. However, on most union jobs and many nonunion jobs, your make up and hair will be taken care of by professionals unless they ask you to come camera ready

4. bring something to read or write on

There will be times when you will be in the holding room and need to wait to go on camera. You can bring some magazines, a book, a journal to keep you occupied while you wait. If you forget to bring something you can always meditate or quietly get to know other actors on set. Meditation is nice because you can conserve and recharge your energy.

5. know your lines

Come prepared with your lines memorized. If you’re searching for tips on how to memorize your lines read here. Not only does this include knowing what you’re going to say, but knowing your action, as well as the action of the other characters in your scene plus have a understanding of what’s going on in the scene. If you’re been set a storyboard, look it over. Most on camera gigs won’t have rehearsals or if there is a. Rehearsal it is to do some blocking scenes. You’re expected to know your stuff.

6. same delivery AND an open mind

You were booked because they liked how you delivered in your audition so do that. However also be open to doing things differently. Sometimes directors will change the lines, add more lines or change the action and you need to be open to do it all.

7. bring positive energy

It’s amazing to be on set and be working in your dream job right? So share your gratitude. Don’t gossip about other actors, directors, anybody. Gossip makes you look bad. Do share your gratitude for who you’re working with because they are there for you and part of what makes your dream a reality. Focus on what you love and on having fun and you will enjoy yourself onset and so will the directors and people you’re working with.

Now you’re prepared to look and feel like a pro on set. Do you have any things you do to help you look and feel professional on set? Let me know below!

Much love,

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